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To provide quality services to its clientele by providing quality educational facilities.

Creation of Physical Facilities & Schools Engineering Division
DepED Order No. 17, s. 2004 - the Department of Budget and Management has approved the merging of the Physical Facilities Division, Office of Planning Service (PFD-OPS) with the Task Force Engineering, Assessment and Monitoring (TFEAM) to become the Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division (PFSED) under the Office of planning Service – Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning of the Department of Education effective December 1, 2003. PFSED became fully operational on January 3, 2005.

A. Planning and Development
- Determination of standards in terms of school furniture ( pupil, teacher)
- Development of design standards per type of educational facility to be provided to schools
B. Implementation
- Provision of technical assistance to procurement committees involved in the procurement of such educational facilities, including the preparation of technical specifications and for bid/tender documents for each procurement activity.
- Provision of contract management services for each concluded procurement activity.
- Monitoring contract performance to ensure compliance with contract provisions, including the review/ processing of scheduled billings claimed by contractors/ suppliers and recommending to management the payment/ non-payment thereof.
- Evaluation of requests for variation orders and recommending to management the approval/ rejection of such requests.
- Provision of quality control services for educational facilities that are being put up/ procured, including the recommendation
to accept/ reject certain educational facility.

C. Maintenance
- Maintenance of database on educational facilities available in the schools (developed by MIS under the BEIS)
- Reporting to management of current state of educational facilities in the public schools and recommending courses of actions.
- Maintaining external linkages with internal and external agencies such as the School Sites Titling Group, BAC, PMOs, DPWH, NDCC, NHA, NAMRIA, LGUs on educational facilities program for the public schools.
- Liaising with donor / multilateral institutions involved in the provision of educational facilities in the public schools.
- Providing assistance to schools, field and central offices for technical and related services concerning educational facilities.
- Undertaking policy studies related to educational facilities.
- Provision of technical assistance to other parties interested in education facilities in the public sector.
D. Monitoring
- Monitoring all SBP projects ( locally funded, DPWH implemented and FAPs)

- Formulate policies, plans guidelines and standards relative to the school building program ( SBP), school building repair and maintenance
(SBRM), school furniture and school mapping exercise ( SME);
- Prepare designs, plans and cost estimates for all facilities, including school furniture;
- Conduct researches and studies on new technologies for school building construction and furniture;
- Prepare the Annual regular School Building Program;
- Monitor the implementation of infrastructure projects as well as the repair, rehabilitation or maintenance of educational facilities, evaluate progress of work, and ensure that all specifications are followed:
- Evaluate request for repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of educational facilities and submit appropriate recommendations:
- Give technical specifications of materials to be used in the construction, repair or maintenance of educational facilities to Procurement Service;
- Provide assistance in the conduct of technical evaluation of bids for infrastructure projects and school furniture;
- Inspect delivered infrastructure projects and school furniture;
- Develop and maintain an information system which will include data about physical facilities and structures and geographical information concerning the location of the school and its access to services:
- Provide information to government and private sectors on matters pertaining to educational facilities of SBP; and
- Perform other related functions.

A. Schools
- Classrooms – new construction, repair/rehabilitation, demolition, maintenance
- Science Labs - new construction, repair/rehabilitation, demolition, maintenance
- Toilets - new construction, repair/rehabilitation, maintenance
- Multi-Purpose Workshops - construction, repair/rehabilitation, maintenance
- Libraries - new construction, repair/rehabilitation, maintenance
- Portable Water Supply - provision, maintenance
- School Furniture - designing, procurement, deliveries, monitoring
- Learning Centers - provision, maintenance
- School Sites - identification, documentation data banking
- Special Classrooms - computer laboratories, HE Rooms, speech labs
- Other Facilities - stage,, fencing, gymnasium, canteen, fire hydrant and fire alarm, flagpole
B. DepED Field Office

- Region - maintenance, repair and rehabilitation
- Division – new construction, repair and rehabilitation, maintenance, works supervision
- District - maintenance, repair and rehabilitation
- RELCs / Dormitories - maintenance, repair and rehabilitation
- Sites - identification, documentation
C. DepED Central Office

- Maintenance, repair and rehabilitation
- Renovation, expansion
- Work supervision

PFSED Admin Unit.: (02)-637-6464; PDU: (02)-633-7263; RIMU: (02)-638-7110; PMU: (02)-638-4044; SMU: (02)-638-4108; Phone:( Trunk Line) (02)-632-1361; Fax: (02) 633-7263; E-mail:; DepED Complex, 4th floor Bonifacio Bldg., Meralco Ave., Pasig City