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Advisory on the Release of Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) Under CY 2011 Basic Education Facilities Fund (BEFF)

Rehabilitation of Tech-Voc laboratories and upgrading of electrical facilities

Results of the 6th Joint Review Mission of School Building Projects under NPSBE & SPHERE

Appraisal of recipient schools under the school building program forBasic Education (SBP4BE) Project (AusAID Grant)

Regional Costing of DepEd designed school buildings and other facilities

Advisory for the quarterly meeting with DepEd Regional Physical Facilities Coordinatorsand Regional Lead Engineers

Conduct quarterly meeting with DepEd Regional Lead Engineers and Regional Physical Facilities Coordinators Cum OPS Senior Staff Meeting

Advisory for the conduct of Principal-Led Orientation Seminar-Workshop on School Building Program under SPHERE for red and black schoolsin Visayas and Mindanao

Conduct Principal-Led Orientation Seminar-Workshop on schoolbuilding program under SPHERE for red and black schools inVisayas and Mindanao

Advisory #3-PFSED's Mid-Year Strategic Planning and Assesment and Oathtaking of Constructors' Performance Evaluation System (CPES)Evaluators (BATCH 2)

Orientation Seminar-Workshop on the implementation of CY 2010School Building and School Furniture Projects using R.A. 9184 andit's revised implementing rules and regulations (IRR)

Authority to conduct orientation seminar-workshop on the implementation of CY 2010 School Building and School Furniture Projects using R.A.9184 and it's revised implementing rules and regulations (IRR)

Regional Coordination Meeting

DPE's new area of assignments

Conduct series of Regional and National DepED-DPWH coordination and consultative meetings and workshop on the booking-up and recording of school buildings under the Regular SchoolBuilding Program (RSBP)

( DepED Memo ) Asean Regional Drawing Competition

Inventory of School Buildings

Status report on the project implementation of the construction and repair/ rehabilitation of various DepED offices under theCY 2007-2009 lump sum budget for the constructionand repair/ rehab of RELCs, DepED ROs and DOs

Conduct of Principal Led Orientation Seminar-Workshops on School Building Programs for CY 2009 (Batch2) and SBPStimulus Fund

Weekly online submission of DepED SBP status reports and monthly submission of financial reports

Submission of list of schools without water supply

CY 2009 School Furniture Procurement Program

Amendments on the Principal-Led Operations Manual

Requiring the field offices to give priority to the implementation of the CY 2009 School Building Program

Request for a resource person and facilitators for the consultativemeeting with Regional and Division Physical Facilities
Coordinators on Library Hub Project

Orientation and Procurement briefing for the Implementation of Construction and Repair/Rehabilitation of various DepEDoffices for CY 2009

Gathering of data/information needed for the Cyber Corridor database for selected secondary schools nationwide

DepED Order,s. 2009


Immediate construction of water and hand washing facilities in all schools for the prevention of Influenza A (H1 N1)

CY 2009 School Furniture Procurement Program

Guidelines on the Utilization and Liquidation of School Based-Repairand Maintenance Fund under CY 2009 Budget

Guidelines in accepting Information and CommunicationTechnology (ICT) equipment and Internet access services forclassroom instruction and administrative use

Amendment to DepED order no.'1 and 4, S. 2009

Amendment and Addenda to DepED order no.5, S. 2009

Dissemination of GPPB Circular no. 2-2008

Files & Forms


Attached are the minimum performance standards/ specifications, of the PPP Technical Committee to serve as reference in assessing prospective designs and technologies thatmay be proposed for the PPP Project. Please note that this is for consultation
purposes only and NOT a solicitation to Bid.

For other inquiries or clarifications, please contact Engr. Oliver R. Hernandez, Chief
PFSED-OPS and Concurrent OIC Office of the Director, Administrative Services at
telephone nos. (02)633-7223. Thank You.

Divisions with no submitted updated report on procurement activity
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Attached form of status report memo

Form for the data of schools with / without water and power source or supply

Cyber Corridor form

CY 2009 School Furniture Allocation

PFSED Admin Unit.: (02)-637-6464; PDU: (02)-633-7263; RIMU: (02)-638-7110; PMU: (02)-638-4044; SMU: (02)-638-4108; Phone:( Trunk Line) (02)-632-1361; Fax: (02) 633-7263; E-mail:; DepED Complex, 4th floor Bonifacio Bldg., Meralco Ave., Pasig City