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ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT -------------------------
Unit Head: Ms. Candelaria F. De Juan

The Administrative Unit is responsible for planning, coordination, supervision and performance of functions relating to human resource management, budgeting, fiscal examination and control, financial and management analysis, information technology, supply and records management, information dissemination and public relations of the PFSED. It is also responsible for the provision of messengerial, clerical, secretarial, storekeeping, buying, bookbinding, disbursement, automotive and equipment operation, communications equipment operation and repair, electronics and communication machine operation, illustrating and such other related functions.

Specific Functions & Duties of the Units under the Supervision of the Administrative Head
Responsible for:

  • the custody and safekeeping and authentication of official record and documents:
  • the establishment and maintenance of an actual continuing program for the management, preservation and disposition of records;
  • receiving / releasing of all PFSED official communications:
  • coordinating with other offices pertaining to records management and the records of leaves, claims, benefits health insurance, etc. of the PFSED Staff.
Responsible for:

  • maintaining all PFSED’s financial records, statements of disbursements;
  • evaluation / analysis of payrolls and vouchers presented for compliance with requirements;
  • verifies the signatures of officials authorizing the disbursement, payment and deduction of claims;
  • checking of financial statements against supporting documents for accuracy and compliance with requirements;
  • prepare budget and financial plan for the division;
  • verification of the availability of funds for payment of salaries, payments of financial obligations arising from the official activities of the division;
  • overseeing the preparation of payrolls, vouchers, itinerary of travels and other documents;
  • maintain updated report of employees’ contributions to GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, Group Insurance, Loan Payments, etc.
Responsible for:

  • the preparation of office orders, memoranda, communications pertaining to general service matters like personnel benefits and welfare, training, workshops and seminars, special assignments like disaster / risk management and gender and development;
  • coordination of the general services administration like cashiering, records, property, security and custodial work
  • preparation of all administrative reports;
  • looking into the professional growth and advancement of PFSED personnel i.e. career pathing, scholarship grants, promotions, and other opportunities for growth and improvement ;
  • preparation and printing of manuals, handouts flyers, brochures and other informative materials regarding the development improvement, upgrading and maintenance of physical facilities;
Responsible for:

  • safekeeping and maintenance of all properties of the division;
  • coordinating with the property division on the procurement of supplies and materials for use of the division;
  • taking charge of the distribution of supplies and materials to staff;
  • requesting supplies and materials for use of the division; and
  • preparation of inventory / property records.

PFSED Admin Unit.: (02)-637-6464; PDU: (02)-633-7263; RIMU: (02)-638-7110; PMU: (02)-638-4044; SMU: (02)-638-4108; Phone:( Trunk Line) (02)-632-1361; Fax: (02) 633-7263; E-mail:; DepED Complex, 4th floor Bonifacio Bldg., Meralco Ave., Pasig City