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Accomplishments for 2009
School Building ProgramFor the year 2009, a total of 4,911 new classrooms and 4,859 repair/rehabilitation of existing ones were completed under the various School Building Programs of the Department. --------- School Building Program for areas experiencing acute classroom shortage
--------- Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation of classrooms and water and sanitation facilities
--------- Quick Response Fund
--------- Stimulus Fund
--------- Regular School Building Program
* Represents balance from previous years.
  • The total accomplishments corresponds to 70% and 74% of the total targets of 7,043 and 6,556 new constructions and repair/rehabilitations respectively;
  • This accomplishments is part of the Php 5.365 Billion funds released to the the department for the implementation of these projects;
  • The highest percentage of accomplishment for the year are those projects completed under the 1st batch of the CY 2009 projects which were part of the government's pump-priming project.

Accomplishments per ProjectSchool Building Program for Areas Experiencing Acute Classroom Shortage
  • This program started was initially included under the CY 2005 General Appropriations Act and every year thereafter, this has been regular line item in the department's annual budget.
  • An average of Php 1.6 Billion is being allocated annually under this program. It is only in 2008 when a total of Php 3.6 Billion was appropriated for this purpose;
  • From year 2005 to present a total of 11,473 classrooms were built and 8,538 classrooms were repaired and rehabilitated in this program;
  • For the year 2009 alone, a total of 1,272 new classrooms and 1,200 repairs were completed.


Out of a total of 12,389 new classroom construction targeted under the Red and Black SBP from CY 2005 to 2009, a total of 11, 473 units were already completed. The said accomplishment represents 93% of the overall targets for new construction under this program.

Out of a total of 8,723 repair/rehabilitation of existing classrooms were targeted under the Red and Black SBP from CY 2005 to 2009, a total of 8,538 units were already completed. The said accomplishment represents 98% of the overall targets repair and rehabilitation under this program.

Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Classrooms and Water and Sanitation Facilities
  • This new line item in the DepED's budget aims to construct and/or rehabilitate classrooms and improve the water and sanitation facilities of schools.
  • A total of Php 2.261 Billion was appropriated in the 2009 GAA;
  • A total of 295 new classrooms, 1,917 repair/rehabilitation, 6,393 new toilet facilities and 306 repair of existing toilets were targeted to be completed under this program;
  • To date, a total of 293 new classrooms, 1,592 repair/rehabilitation, 6,305 new toilet facilities and 306 repair of existing toilets were already completed.

Quick Response Fund
  • The Quick Reponse Fund (QRF) was provided in the GAA to address immediate need for reconstruction and/or repair/rehabilitation/replacement of school buildings damaged by different calamities such as fire and typhoons. This is a stand by fund and release of the said budget shall be supported by the occurrence of calamaties;
  • The line item is included in the CY 2007, 2008 and 2009 GAA and the budget was used mainly to address the need for immediate replacement/rehabilitation of school building damaged by fire and various typhoons;
  • To date, a total of 374 new construction/replacements and 1,060 repairs of existing classrooms were completed under this program.
  • This year's targets under the QRF increased due to the increase in the annual appropriation. However, the increase in budget is still not sufficient to totally address the requirements for the rehabilitation of classrooms damaged by various natural calamities.

School Building Program for Pre-School
  • This program is being implemented by PFSED using the budget appropriated to the BEE under the CY 2008 GAA;
  • A total of Php 712 Million was distributed to all regions for the construction of Pre-School classrooms with provision for school furniture;
  • A total of 793 elementary schools with existing pre-school classes will benefit on the project;
  • Procurement of these projects are almost completed and some are already on-going.

Stimulus Budget
  • Php 500 Million out of the Php 3 Billion was initially released for construction of 360 classrooms and repair and rehabilitation of 796 existing ones.
  • Portion of the fund released amounting to Php 120 Million will be implemented by DPWH.
  • To date, 3% and 4% of the total targets for new construction and repair are on-going. The rest are under procurement stage.
  • Request for the release of the balance of this budget was submitted to DBM.

Support to Philippine Education Reforms (SPHERE)
  • This project is a grant from AusAID which benefited schools in Southern Philippines (Visayas and Mindanao except ARMM).
  • From CY 2008 to 2009, a total of Php 434M is allocated for the School Building Program and School Furnitures Program;
  • A total of 503 new classrooms in 235 school sites in Visayas and Mindanao are targeted to be constructed;
  • To date, 475 new classrooms in 223 school sites were already completed while the rest of the projects are still on-going.

Regular School Building Program
  • Seven batches of consolidated lists submitted by the Division Offices amounting to Php 1.89 Billion were already submitted to DBM for issuance of SARO.
  • 97% or Php 1.84 Billion out of the requested amount was already released by DBM to DPWH;
  • A total of 2,439 new classrooms and 1, 883 repair/rehabilitations are targeted to be completed for the year;
  • To date, a total of 1,811 new classrooms and 1,393 repair/rehabilitations already were completed.

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