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Accomplishments for 2009
School Furniture ProgramCY 2009 School Furniture Program
  • Conducted reorientation seminar for the Regional and Division Bids and Awards Committe (BAC) on the procedures for procurement of school furniture using the revised IRR of RA 9184;
  • Target deliveries is 702,629 pieces of armchairs, 7,106 teacher's tables and chairs;
  • New designs were introduced to cater requirements for laboratory and workshop furniture;
  • Immediate procurement was made to replace furniture damaged by typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng".

75 % DO Allocation
  • Projects were already procured.
  • Only 63% of the total number of divisions complied with the requirements for posting of advertisements in the PhilGEPs.
15 % DO Allocation
  • Projects were already procured
10 % PWD Allocation
  • For schedule of bidding
10 % National Reserved
  • Portion of the funds amounting to Php 31M was used for the immediate procurement of school furnitures as replacement to those that were damaged by typhoons

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Other Projects
School Mapping Exercise
Number of Schools Encoded in the School Mapping System
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  • Completed the training on the use of ArcGIS Software and Geographic Information System (GIS) thru the assistance of the National Mapping Resource and Information Agency (NAMRIA) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

New Building Designs Completed

Target of Activities for 2010
-----------------------Target Schedule-----------------------
Completion of carry-over projects from previous years
(CY 2009 and CY 2010)
January to March 2010
Orientation Seminar for Division/Regional BAC Members and
Secretariat for the implementation of SBP for Techvoc Schools
(CY 2009 Budget)
January 2010
Appraisal and submission of priority list for CY 2010 Red and
Black SBP and School's Water and Sanitation Facilities
January 2010
Appraisal and submission of priority list for CY 2010 Regular
School Building Program
January to February 2010
Implementation of CY 2010 Red and Black SBP and School's
Water and Sanitation Facilities
January to May 2010
Conduct of Quarterly National Coordination Meeting with RPFC's
and RLE's
March 2010, June 2010, September 2010,
December 2010

Conduct of National and Regional Coordination Meeting on DPWH
Implemented Projects
September to October 2010
Completion of CY 2009 School Furniture Program
May 2010
Implementation of the CY 2010 School Furniture Program
June to December 2010
Conduct of 6th National Convention of PFC's and DPE's
December 2010

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